Download Xposed Installer 3.1.1 Latest APK Installation Guide

Xposed is an easy framework for the modules which can alter the behavior and appearance of the apps and system without touching the APKS. It is really great because this framework means that the modules can support different versions as well as ROMs. Along with this, it is simple to undo.  When all the changes are performed in the memory, the user only requires deactivating the module as well as a reboot for getting their original system again.  This framework has lots of advantages, but here is one. The multiple modules have some unique features to perform certain changes to any part of your app of the system. An Xposed framework is an excellent option which is arrived at the third-party development scene of Android. This framework and its reliable modules have the capability to enhance the existing features and add amazing features and much more. Since this framework works at an extremely low framework range, but it is obtainable in numerous versions for catering to diverse Android versions and various CPU architectures which power the Android devices currently.

Install the Xposed Framework to Enhance the Functionality of your Device

Use of Xposed Framework Installer

Xposed is a highly preferred tool that gets more among Android enthusiasts because it lets for different kinds of modifications for extending both the functionality and performance of their favorite devices.  The user does not wish to get their hands muddy by decompiling and compiling various system files, so they are seeking for a right solution. The Xposed installer is an ideal choice for your requirements. Users can perform different changes to their choice in only a few clicks.  It is a significant application needed for running various Xposed modules.  It is also used for adding additional functionality to their android devices like changing the status bar icons such as Greenify, iOS, Xperia and much more.

These are major features of the Xposed installer that attract many people towards it and encourage them to try it on their Android device. For satisfying the needs, this post covers the downloading procedure of Xposed framework installer for different systems and different Android versions.

Install Xposed Framework on your Android Lollipop or Marshmallow

Now, this Xposed framework officially supports the Android 5.1 version via the 5.1.1. Lollipop.  In this downloading procedure, you can ensure that you download the correct file for a particular android version. There are two parts available to Xposed.  The Xposed Installer app is a first part that is a vital thing for managing and installing modules.   Another part of Xposed is an Xposed framework that is the code base which modules use for performing their different tweaks.  Fixing these elements is very simple now, so you can try it without any uncertainty.

xposed framework

Requirements to Install the Xposed Framework

  • Rooted android phone
  • TWRP recovery fixed
  • Android Marshmallow or Lollipop
  • “Unknown sources” allowed

Steps for Installing Xposed on Android Lollipop

Here are the step-by-step by installation guidelines as follow:

Step 1: Consider the CPU Architecture of your Device and Android Version

It is significant to know that there are 3 different versions of Xposed Framework available for the Lollipop devices.  Every framework is designed for a particular CPU architecture.  It is quite difficult for finding the CPU architecture of your device, so you can use the right tool. There are lots of free apps available to find the system’s CPU architecture, so you can use the right one.

Step 2:  Download Xposed Installer Application

Initially, you require downloading Xposed Installer APK. It allows you quickly download as well as install the Xposed modules. Along with this, it also allows you install the Xposed framework.  For starting, you can ensure that the “Unknown Sources” is successfully enabled. After that, you can download the latest version of Xposed installer app.  You can receive the notification once the downloading process completed.  Then, you can press the “Install” button.

Step 3: Install Xposed Framework

After, you can open the Xposed Install app as well as head to a Framework portion in the navigation menu. In this place, you can tap “Install/Update option over the screen. And then, you can choose “Install” button when prompted.  The installer will request for the root access, so you can tap “Grant” option on a request pop up of Superuser.  Here, you need to wait for few seconds when the app successfully installs a real Xposed Framework.  After that, you will observe a display with the reboot countdown. For increasing the speed of this process, you can go ahead as well as tap “Reboot”.

Step 4: Install Modules and Enjoy Xposed

While you get the back up soon, you are ready to go to the next step. For double checking that all things are passed without any hitch, you can head to a Framework section available in your Xposed installer app.   Whether you receive a text stating “Xposed Framework version is active,” then you will install the Xposed modules.

The successful installation helps you to try the Xposed app.   For trying the app, you can head to a download part in your Xposed Installer app as well as browse the broad selection.  While you discover the module who likes to install, just select the file, then choose the version before hitting “Download option”. Finally, you can ensure for activating the module as well as a reboot.

Now Xposed Framework Compatible with the Android 4.4

Stock ROMs may usually lack something which you love. The custom ROM developers frequently make some magic occur with the code and provide helpful resources, but all Android users do not like to load this kind of custom ROM.  For overcoming the drawbacks, the Xposed Framework comes with lots of unique features. It is the reliable and highly preferred framework that helps you to make all changes on your Android KitKat devices. It is significant to note that the latest version of the Xposed framework now supports Android 4.4 KitKat.  If you are a KitKat user and you want to utilize your favorite modules on your device, you can read these guidelines.   The following steps help you to install the Xposed installer in KitKat.

if your device is running Android 5.1 and above, find the link below that matches your CPU architecture to download the proper Xposed Framework ZIP


  • Xposed installer
  • Rooted android phone

Steps to Install Xposed Installer in KitKat

  • You can go the direct link of Xposed installer and click on it
  • You can now go to a new page where you can see download button
  • You can click on the download button and wait for few minutes to complete the downloading procedure
  • Once you successfully download the file, you can open the Xposed installer
  • After that, you can go to the framework where you can tap update/install
  • Here you can receive a message. You can tap ok as well as wait for Android device to restart
  • You can open the Xposed installer and go to download option
  • Here you can find lots of Xposed modules and click on anyone
  • You can download as well as install the Xposed module
  • Open the Xposed installer and go to modules. Here you can select the installed Xposed module
  • Finally, you can restart your android phone to enjoy all benefits of Xposed on your android KitKat.

Now, you can easily customize your android device by using the Xposed module. You can also install other kinds of modules by using the similar procedures.