How to Root Android Nougat (7.0/7.1) with KingoRoot

Despite being released officially for quite a while, manufacturers like Asus have not yet made it available Android Nougat 7.1 available for their devices as they are busy in customizing it for their brand devices. If you want to experience the new Android, or upgrade your device without waiting for your manufacturer to roll out the update, you can install the latest android with Kingoroot.

Kingoroot offers apk version for Android smartphones and kingoroot PC version too for rooting devices and installing the latest version of Android. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you to install Nougat on your device.

kingoroot Android Nougat

Install Android 7.0 using Kingo Root Mobile Application

1. Start by downloading kingoroot from this link.

2. The download will start automatically in most of the cases, but sometimes, the browser shows a warning popup to ask you to confirm the download. If that happens, click on OK to start the downloading process.

3. Depending on your connection, it may or may not take a lot of time. Once the download is finished, Install the application on your smartphone. If you haven’t experimented a lot with your smartphone, your install might get blocked because it is from “Unknown sources”. In this case, go to settings, security and allow the box beside unknown sources. This is done so that only applications from Google play store could be installed Since you are downloading the apk file directly from official servers, it would be seen as from an unknown source.

4. Sometimes, your device might see kingoroot as malware and keep it in some sort of sandbox. This is because Kingoroot is an exploit based rooting tool. Which means that it makes use of your device’s vulnerability to grab root permissions on your device. This is done for benefit of user, however, the manufacturer sees this as a malicious act. But at last, it’s your choice to root your device and upgrade. There is a huge community around rooting and it’s secure and simple once you know about it. If the app is marked as malware go to Settings > Security > verify applications and uncheck kingoroot.

5. Now, when the application is installed, things become simple. Click the Kingoroot app and click on “One click Root” to start the process.

6. While you do this, make sure you have a stable internet connection on your device because the scripts used to root your device would be downloaded from official servers. Without internet and scripts, your device won’t be rooted.

7.  After a while, you will get the result about whether your rooting failed or succeeded. If it succeeds, give me a high five in comments If it fails then try it a few more times as application will try different scripts different times. No doubt that different scripts have different results.

If you can’t root your smartphone still. You should try the PC version of kingoroot that has more strong exploiting scripts and is more powerful. The PC version has more success rate as compared to the android version.


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