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[Kingoroot Apk]Everyone who are using Android mobiles, are always looking to root their mobiles for better performance. There are number of applications, with the help of which people can easily root their phones with just a click. Kingoroot is one of those applications, with which one can simply root their mobile phones. Kingo root provide their clients with the most substantial features, one would need for rooting their android phones. The features of Kingoroot are discussed as below. Features of Kingo root can be elaborated as below.

Latest Version Kingoroot 4.4.9
File Size 17.19 MB
Requires Android 4.1.1 and up
Author Kingosoft Technology Ltd.
Language English (10 more)

Features of King Root APK

The features of King Root can be stated as under.

  • User Interface: KingoRoot is one of the easiest to use applications, in terms of rooting your mobile. One can easily root their mobiles with the help kingoroot, as this one is very easy with their user interface. Someone, who does not have any knowledge about skills, can also root their mobiles quite conveniently.
  • Free: Kingo Root is a free to use software, and anyone can easily download kingoroot apk, from any open source platforms. However, they can also opt the google play store in order to download the same. As it is a free to use software, anyone can easily afford in order to download kingo root.
  • User experience: The user interface of the program is so easy that anyone can use it with a great ease. It might be possible that, one is willing to root their mobiles, however, he or she does not have any idea about the technologies. For them, kingoroot can easily solve all their root related problems in there mobile phones.
  • No need of Computer: Rooting needs computer in order to root mobiles successfully. However, one can have a successful root, without a computer, while using kingo root as their rooting partner.

How to download King Root app in Android Mobiles

People sometimes wonder about the download procedure of Kingoroot apk, which is quite easy for anyone. The below discussed is the procedure of downloading the kingoroot apk. One can easily download Kingoroot apk by just following the simple steps below.

1.If you are willing to root your device from the mobile itself, then connect your device with internet connection and search for Kingoroot Apk download in the web.

2.It will show you a lot of pages from where you can download the apk. However, it is recommended to opt for the official page of Kingo root.

3.Then, once you have successfully downloaded the apk, then install it to enjoy one click root service for your mobile.

There is another way of downloading and using kingo root in you mobile that is, you can download the software for your Desktops.

For this, one have to follow the below steps.

1. First download Kingoroot PC versions.

2. Then install the program and connect your device with your computer using a USB cable. Make sure that your mobile is at least 50% charged.

3. After you successfully synced your mobile with your computer, then you are just a click away from rooting your device.

4. Click the option called root now in your system to successfully root your android device.


If you talk about requirements, the Kingoroot needs nothing special in order to root your mobile. One would need a Smartphone which is running in Android version of at least Jellybean.

It can be well said that, kingo root apk is one of the most convenient way to root your Smartphone, as this one provides some of the best feature in the market, so that one can easily use all the latest features in their phones, which are not available.

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