How to Root Android [6.0 Marshmallow] Devices with KingoRoot App

Best Ways to Get Root Access

There are multiple ways to get root access to your device. First by exploiting or by using 3rd party recovery. Most of the times, people use the latter. This is because exploits are hard to find and not always there is an exploit for every device.

Before you start rooting process, make sure to backup your important data.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Android Marshmallow

Rooting using TWRP
Flashing TWP

Enable developer settings by going to settings > About and tap the build number 7 times.

Head back to developer options and check USB debugging.

Now head back to settings > security and enable unknown sources.

Download TWRP.img file and kingoroot tools.

Open Kingoroot/tools and in tools folder, and type CMD in your address bar and hi enter. Enter the following command.

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery (pull the twrp.img into cmd)


It should look somewhat like

fastboot flash recovery E:\Kingo ROOT\tools\twrp-3.0.2-0-flounder.img
fastboot reboot


Temporarily Booting into TWRP

Start by Downloading SuperSU-v2.46 to your device.

If you’ve already flashed TWRP, boot temporarily into bootloader and skip this step.

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot boot (pull the twrp.img into cmd)

it will look somewhat like

fastboot boot D:\Kingo ROOT\tools\twrp-3.0.2-0-flounder.img
fastboot reboot

Once done, tap on install and select your zip file that you downloaded in your device. In your screen, bottom, there would be an option to “Swipe to confirm flash”. This will then install SuperSU in your device (which allows you root access). Reboot your device after this.

How to unlock bootloaders

If you get to unlock your bootloaders, flashing roms would be bricking your device.
This means that before flashing roms you need to unlock what is known as your device’s bootloader, which can be done with CF auto root. But that tool will

1. Trigger your flash counter
2. Your KNOX would be tripped
3. And your warranty would be void

It will also

1. Wipe all your data ( so backup is recommended )
2. Brick your device in case it isn’t compatible.

Rooting has tons of risks and you need to go ahead with caution. Make sure you root when you feel comfortable. No one, other than you is responsible if your device is bricked.

Also, you should check one or more youtube tutorials before finally rooting your android device. Watching video of a topic is always a better alternative to text tutorials. Also, some scripts or applications for rooting work perfectly for a particular smartphone but might not work for your smartphone, so make sure that the tutorial you are following is for your device.

Also, in the end, if you tried every single thing, and nothing seem to work for your smartphone, try Kingoroot application to root your smartphone. If even kingoroot doesn’t work for your smartphone, wait for a while for developers to roll out an exploit for your device. As of now, there is no “One click Root app” available for all of the android 6.0 devices

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