How to root Android 5.0/5.1 (Lollipop) with KingoRoot APK

Just like any other thing, there are two ways to root a smartphone as well. One is by doing extra tasks like installing twrp etc., or the other one is by installing an automation app which roots your smartphone quickly. One such software is Kingoroot.

A lot of Android users have no idea how they can root Android5.0 or 5.1 (lollipop) in their devices. On various forums and question answer websites, users continuously ask for a safe one trusted method to root smartphones. Kingoroot is one such app that offers a smooth rooting experience for every Android 5.0/5.1 user. You can root your smartphone through your PC or the Android device.

KingoRoot App APK

The Android version of kingoroot has tons of exploits that make rooting easy and fast. Not to mention that it will also save you from the hassle of connecting your device to your computer via a USB cable. In some cases, the kingoroot app fails to root the device (very few), it is then suggested to use the PC version as it carries even more powerful rooting scripts and success rate.

Advantages of rooting a smartphone:-

1. You should install a custom Rom
2. You can remove pre-installed crapware
3. You can block ads in any application
4. Install the latest version of Android operating system on your smartphone
5. You can also install incompatible applications
6. You can also change the UI of your android device too
7. Your device’s battery life and speed would be boosted
8. You’ll Get full access to your device.

Step by Step rooting tutorial with Kingroot(.apk version guide)

1. Begin by download kingroot.Apk is free of cost from this link. The file would be downloaded directly to your smartphone and could be found in the downloads section of your smartphone or the download directory of the browser.

2. Sometimes, the browser might ask you a confirmation message before starting the download. If that occurs, touch “OK” and proceed.

3. Once your .apk file is downloaded, start the installation process. By default, Android blocks installation from unknown sources, if that occurs, follow these instructions to install the app.

* Install Blocked: Go to settings > security > unknown sources and check the box to allow. As I mentioned above, Android blocks installations from unknown vendors, so you need to check unknown sources to install downloaded apk.

* Harmful app : Go to settings > security > verify apps and uncheck kingoroot. This app is based on exploiting. It looks for vulnerabilities in your device to get root access. This is considered as malicious activity by the smartphone manufacturers. But, to root your device, it’s important to provide this access.

4. The app makes it very simple to root an android device, on the home screen, you’d see only one option “One click root, ” and it is a no-brainer that you have to click on it. Before you begin, make sure that you have an internet connection. Without the connection, the app won’t be able to download scripts which are stored in kingo’s server. Once you begin the installation, wait for it to be completed.

5. In the end, you’d be presented with the results that whether or not your device rooting has been successful or failure. If it failed, try a few more times, because the app downloads one script at a time & different scripts deliver different results.


You should keep some things in your mind. First, that you should allow installation from unknown sources, and second, you should have a good internet connection, third, wait patiently while your device is being rooted.

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